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37.2 N Magazine

This cover features Kathy Blanchard skinny-dipping at British Columbia’s Texada Island.

As usual we start the issue off with N Sight New Study Links Naturism with Life Satisfaction. A study by Dr. Keon West shows that when "one is communally naked in the company of non-intimate others" produce no discernable harm to the participants. NAC/NEF Call for Candidates follows that with the cover story on Texada Island next. We next look at the photography of Leif Heilberg through the years with a The Naturist Society Foundation article on NaturistSmart by TNSF Chair Tracy Horgan. Wisconsin Naturist Kirby Klinger gives us an up close look at the Homestead Nych and NAC/NEF Board Member Susan Rothberg gives us a glimpse of the Total Eclipse. Another Wisconsin Naturist Tom Smith visits Toadally Natural Garden for a bit of Plein Air followed by a walk Into the Hayfields for a light-hearted piece on Public Lands naturism.

Next up is a profile from a young naturist J. S, Allen and tips on Establishing your Naturist Legacy from the TNSF. Mark regales us with some of his oldie nudist films with the Raw Ones. Rich & Suzie Smith take us from Hidden Lake Resort in Jay, Florida to Forty Acres Club in Missouri. We hear from Dressed to Kill authors Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer with an update on the breast cancer fight. Becky & Jerry Edmundson entertain us with a tale on Our First RV Road Trip: Carolina Foothills Resort and Susan Rothberg follows that with a New Year’s Eve After the Ball Drops. There is some Black Light Magic with Michael Cooney and The Opera-Musical Theatre SIG Profiles in Music for 2017. A report on Nudes in Kaolin and the FKK – Nudism Made in Germany along with two book reviews round out this issue of N. There is, of course, Letters, the Marketplace, and the Naturist Network as well.

Another great issue—enjoy your read.


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Life Is Short Play Naked

Life Is Short Play Naked

Issue 36.3 of N contains this month's article by Max Bochmann on living a happy naturist life as an ostomate.

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Nude awakenings: the misunderstood world of naturism..

Nude awakenings: the misunderstood world of naturism

How a German sauna taught a prudish American to relax at the sight of naked flesh.

Nudism/Naturism: Discrimination against single men?

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Catching Up with NickyThe Easter bunny is going to be mighty cold hiding eggs in Wisconsin this year but it is a good time for Nicky to be off recuperating from her shoulder surgery. She should be fully recovered by the time the Eastern Naturist Gathering rolls around on June 27-July 1. (Register NOW as prices go up on April 15!)

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Naturist Society founder Lee Baxandall

Lee Baxandall Naturist Society Founder TNS founder Lee Baxandall's first skinny-dipping experiences were as a young Boy Scout camping in Twin Lakes Reservation in Wisconsin. After receiving his master's degree in Comparative Literature from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Baxandall moved to New York, where he became active writing, translating, and critiquing plays. He also applied his writing skills to producing books on the arts, psychology, and politics. His political activism at this time prepared him for his interest in naturism to come. To read more about the history of The Naturist Society click HERE.

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