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35.2 N Magazine

“Red Tree Frogs,” a photo by Jack Gescheidt graces the cover of N 35.2 magazine.

The photo is from the 2015 The Giant Sequoias Experience hosted by Jack. TNS member Barry Bailey is featured in Adventures of a Tree-Hugger, as he tells about his venture into the Humboldt Redwood Forest…and beyond.

NAC and NEF share the latest election results for their Board of Directors while lifetime TNS member Bryon Brandt and the newest NAC/NEF board member shares with us a Profile on Naturism: Openness, honesty, love, and acceptance. This issue also includes an entertaining piece on Stephen Colbert’s commentary of Nudity in Art.

In the mood for a celebration? Enjoy a piece on Lake Como as they celebrate Freedom Fest ’15 along with WICCA Full Moon Ceremony in two different articles—one from Mike Cooney and the other from Toadally Natural Garden owner Jane Groth and you'll be in a festive state of mind in no time!

Are you feeling more like a hike while breaking out a tune? Then a Spoof on Early Nudism and Song, and Free Hiking in Southern Oregon will be more your speed. However if you're more into biking then the 2015 Boston World Naked Bike Ride. should get your wheels turning. Or take a skinny-dip with Kathy Blanchard with In the Swim.

After your swim, dig your toes in the sand as Mark Storey shares insights on Sartre, Nudity and Voyeurism, read the report from the Nudist Ham Radio SIG and QSL cards, learn all about Federal Code, Human Subjects, and Naturist Research, or travel along with Mike Cooney as he visits Roatan.

A few entertaining reads to round things up are Pickin’ Saguaro Buds is prickly business; a second profile lightens up the prose with a short read from Greg Reeves, Strip or Retire from Mark Hatmaker and a report from the Naturist Education Foundation Research Library will keep you in engaged and delighted.

Of course this issue has the usual N Sight, Letters, The Marketplace and The Naturist Society Network. Don't delay, skinny-dip in the covers of N magazine today!




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Featured Article

Profile: Glyn Stout - Naturist Patriarch

Glyn Stout - Naturist Patriarch

Issue 35.1 of N contains this month's article on Glyn Stout. Read the article HERE.

What's Happening in Social Media

Nudity No Longer Naughty in Munich

Nudity No Longer Naughty in Munich

Why Did Huntington Beach Ban Naturists From a Public Pool They Had Used for Years?

Nudity No Longer Naughty in Munich

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The Naturist Society is a membership organization first and foremost. If you enjoy skinny-dipping, nude sunbathing, or that feeling of freedom while nude, then TNS membership is for you. Join TNS today and let your membership card serve as your passport to nude adventures.

The term naturist means different things to different people. To some, it suggests a carefully considered way of life-a philosophy, no less. To others it's nothing more than a day at the nude beach.

Membership in The Naturist Society offers an opportunity to learn more about the fascinating world of naturism, its history and philosophy right along with the challenges and opportunities.

Whether you view naturism as a way of life or a form of recreation, join TNS and experience naturism in all its variety.

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Our Mission Statement

The mission of The Naturist Society is to promote body acceptance through clothing-optional recreation using the tools of education and community outreach.

The Naturist Society views clothing-optional recreation as essential to body acceptance. Through clothing-optional recreation, participants, be they individuals, couples or families, learn to appreciate the diversity of body types and gain a better understanding and acceptance of their own bodies.

Catching up with Nicky Hoffman- TNS Editor and Owner

Nicky at LupinWell, I just got nervous! I looked at the calendar and noticed that it is less than two months until the Eastern Naturist Gathering and I’m still putting the preliminary schedule together…and too few people have registered. Are you one of them? Get busy and get those registrations in. Private rooms are just about gone and you will be assigned a bunk cabin if you don’t hurry up.

Workshop offerings are coming in at a good pace, so we should have a nice full program. I’m really excited about one of the new items on the program this year. We’re going to have a Murder Mystery Dinner Party during dinner on Tuesday evening. I’m sure you will all want to be a part of that so plan to come on Tuesday and stay the rest of the week.

There will be movies, dances, swimming and lots and lots of fun. The Naturist Society Book Club will be discussing the book Wild by Cheryl Strayed. If you haven’t read that book yet, pick up a copy at your local bookstore or get it from the library and join us in this lively discussion.

We’ll have some yoga, Barry’s active stretching, and to go along with our 2016 theme of Naturism does a Body Good—Tracy Horgan will lead a discussion on Loving Your Body as well as several other activities. Our very own Chef Chris Dyer, working with Tracy and Mike Flanagan will be paying tribute to Lisa Flanagan by preparing one of Lisa’s favorites recipes.

No one who has ever attended the ENG wants to miss Star Search on Friday night— this event just gets better every year. And then there are workshops lead by Bryon and Stanley or the jam sessions with Helen, Eric and Fred. So come early, stay for the entire week and join our 2016 family reunion.

And just five weeks after we return from the Eastern Naturist Gathering, Carmen and I will head out to meet our West Coast family at Lupin Lodge near Los Gatos.

I’m just beginning to put things together for that gathering schedule so watch our event page for preliminary programs for both events in the weeks to come. The Western Naturist Gathering at Lupin features an Open Mic night that is beyond compare. Who knew that we had such talent in our midst? My consulting editor Mark Storey will be there leading several workshops I’m sure, we’ll have a fun night of dancing and much, much more.

Naturism does do a body good now doesn’t it!

Nicky Signature

Nude & Natural - The magazine of Naturist Living

35.2 Nude and Natural Magazine

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N, The Magazine of Naturist Living (aka Nude & Natural) takes you inside the fascinating world of naturism with incisive commentary and analysis, solid reporting, and naturist-friendly but always tasteful photography. Travel stories, club and resort updates, naturist politics and culture, N has it all.

A subscription to N magazine is just one of the many benefits you will receive when you join TNS.

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Naturist Society founder Lee Baxandall

Lee Baxandall Naturist Society Founder TNS founder Lee Baxandall's first skinny-dipping experiences were as a young Boy Scout camping in Twin Lakes Reservation in Wisconsin. After receiving his master's degree in Comparative Literature from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Baxandall moved to New York, where he became active writing, translating, and critiquing plays. He also applied his writing skills to producing books on the arts, psychology, and politics. His political activism at this time prepared him for his interest in naturism to come. To read more about the history of The Naturist Society click HERE.

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Together We Can Grow Naturism

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"Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." - Vince Lombardi

Did you know that when you become a member of The Naturist Society, shop the Skinny-Dipper, volunteer your time, or donate money to naturist causes you become a part of an inclusive and caring community that has been promoting and protecting naturism for more than 30 years?

Today, more of our beaches and public lands reserved for naturists is shrinking, making The Naturist Society's work more crucial than ever. We are not only battling to keep naturist ideals alive for future generations, but like you we are also fighting a downturn in the economy, and subsequently, membership dollars. We can't achieve our goals without the support of those that share in our passion for preserving what Lee Baxandall, and others before us have fought so hard for! With so much at stake, we hope you will consider supporting our work.

We are proud of the work we do, fighting for your right to enjoy nude recreation at beaches, resorts, hot springs and public lands, hosting naturist events on both coasts and publishing the first-class naturist magazine N but we can't do it alone. Won't you consider joining or renewing today so together we can continue to make strides in making naturism more main stream. Please MAIL, shop ONLINE, or call 800-886-7230 and become a member of our community!

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Become a Lifetime TNS memberThe Saguaro Cactus, survives in a barren, dry area due to the symbiotic relationship it shares with the creatures of the desert. Birds, bats, and insects flock to the pollen of this cactis' night blooming flowers, spreading the seeds that allow for new growth. In return the cacti provide shelter and nourishment. In this way naturists and The Naturist Society are similar. Without TNS, naturists would lose many beaches to government legislation…and without the support of naturists TNS will not grow and thrive. Won't you please consider becoming a lifetime member today and support the cause!

"It gives us a great feeling knowing that The Naturist Society is doing so much to protect our rights. The ongoing challenges naturists face are vast, but by joining with TNS and their history of remarkable accomplishments, we are proud to be a small part of the much needed solutions that The Naturist Society provides." -Claudette Richard and Jim Dickey, lifetime members since 1991.

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Personal information, including name, address, phone number, and credit card number, is encrypted using secure software. This ensures that all information passed through the Internet can only be read by our system.

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A French Caribbean family-friendly clothing-optional beach resort. See their website or call toll free from the USA/Canada at 1-877-456-6833 for more details.To view more participating resorts visit our Barefoot Bazaar, pick up a copy of N magazine, or see a pdf of our Network.