TNSF Naturist Bibliography — Nonfiction Top 10/20

Nonfiction List

NONFICTION – TNSF’ “Top 10” from Early Nudism

  1. Boone, Ilsley. The Joys of Nudism (New York: Greenberg, 1934)
  2. Gay, Jan. On Going Naked (New York: Garden City Publishing, 1932)
  3. Langdon-Davies, John. Lady Godiva: The Future of Nakedness (New York: Harper and Brothers, 1928)
  4. Merrill, Frances and Mason Merrill. Among the Nudists (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1931)
  5. Merrill, Frances and Mason Merrill. Nudism Comes to America (New York: Garden City Publishing, 1932)
  6. Newcomb, William W. The Story of Nudism (New York: Greenberg, 1934)
  7. Parmelee, Maurice. The New Gymnosophy: The Philosophy of Nudity as Applied in Modern Life (New York: Frederick H. Hitchcock, 1927)
  8. Scott, George Ryley. Common Sense of Nudism (London: T. Werner Laurie, 1934)
  9. Strange, Julian. Adventures in Nakedness (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1934)
  10. Williams, Carl Easton. The Psychology of Nudism: A Study of Mental Health and the Techniques of Happiness (Mays Landing, NJ: Sunshine Book, 1941)

NONFICTION – TNSF’ “Top 20” from Later Research

  1. Ableman, Paul. Anatomy of Nakedness (New York: Greenberg, 1982)
  2. Barcan, Ruth. Nudity: A Cultural Anatomy (Oxford: Berg, 2004)
  3. Carr-Gomm, Philip. A Brief History of Nakedness (London: Reaktion Books, 2010)
  4. Cinder, Cec. The Nudist Idea (Riverside, CA: Ultraviolet Press, 1998)
  5. Clapham, Adam and Robin Constable. As Nature Intended: A Pictorial History of the Nudists (London: Heinemann/Quixote Press, 1982)
  6. Clarke, Magnus. Nudism in Australia: A First Study (Victoria: Deakin University Press, 1982)
  7. DeMartino, Manfred F. The New Female Sexuality: The Sexual Practices and Experiences of Social Nudists, “Potential” Nudists and Lesbians (New York: Julian Press, 1969)
  8. Douglas, Jack et al. The Nude Beach (Beverly Hills, CA: SAGE Publications, 1977)
  9. Goodson, Aileen. Therapy, Nudity and Joy: The Therapeutic Use of Nudity Through the Ages from Ancient Ritual to Modern Psychology (Los Angeles: Elysium Growth Press, 1991)
  10. Hartman, William E. et al. Nudist Society: The Controversial Study of the Clothes-Free Naturist Movement in America, revised (Los Angeles: Elysium Growth Press, 1991)
  11. Huntington, Henry S. Defense of Nudism (New York: Robert M. McBride, 1958)
  12. Ilfeld Jr, Fred and Roger Lauer. Social Nudism in America (New Haven, CT: College and University Press, 1964)
  13. Johnson, Donald. The Nudists (New York: Duell, Sloan and Pearce, 1959)
  14. Lester, Hugh C. Godiva Rides Again: A History of the Nudist Movement (New York: Vantage Press, 1968)
  15. Richardson, Iseult. No Shadows Fall: The Story of Spielplatz (North Yorkshire, UK: Coast and Country Naturist Publications, 1994)
  16. Shaw, Elton Raymond and Ilsley Boone. The Body Taboo: Its Origin, Effect, and Modern Denial (Mays Landing, NJ: Sunshine Book, 1951)
  17. Smith, Dennis Craig and William Sparks. The Naked Child: Growing Up Without Shame (Los Angeles: Elysium Growth Press, 1986)
  18. Storey, Mark. Cinema Au Naturel: A History of Nudist Film (Oshkosh, WI: Naturist Education Foundation, 2003)
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  20. Woycke, James. Au Naturel: The History of Nudism in Canada (Etobicoke, ON: Federation of Canadian Naturists, 2003)


Compiled by Mark Storey

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