Custom Crafted Wood Handle Bottle Stoppers


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Beautifully crafted with an assorted varieties of wood handles these bottle stoppers make great gifts! They are 5” tall.

Spalted Tamarind is a beautiful wood from Southeast Asia. Much of this wood comes from logs that were either found on the forest floor or were cut and then allowed to spalt in the very damp warm conditions of the jungle. The colors and various line patterns are tuly unique from one piece to another.

Claro Walnut is the wood of the Hindis walnut tree that grows from California up to Washington. It has a subtle-but-gorgeous marbled color palette that’s highly sought after. In fact, it’s one of the more expensive types of wood — not only because of its color, but because it’s durable, high-quality and easy to work with.

Pistachio wood is quite similar to Claro wood harvested from orchards, especially due to the common presence of graft lines in the wood which mark where the scion, or smaller tree stock, has been grafted onto the hardier rootstock. The grain of the Pistachio tends to be quite wild and irregular.

White Oak Root has an amazing depth of grain with really seductive patterning that holds a number of different shades of color. Rich yellows follow deep reds, follow rich red browns.


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Spalted Tamarind, Claro Walnut, Pistachio, Santos Mahogany, Indian Laurel, Oregon Myrtlewood, White Oak Root, Cherry Wood

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