Theatre au Naturel: A Collection of Naturist Plays


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Theatre au Naturel: A Collection of Naturist Plays Six American one-act plays dealing with nudity, body image, and naturism. One play dates from 1930, the other five from the early 21st century. Edited and introduced by Mark Storey, and illustrated with nine photos, the book contains:
• Barely Proper, by Tom Cushing
• Nude on the Beach, by Martin E. Williams & Johnna Adams
• Love the Body Positive, by Johnna Adams
• Sisters at the Beach, by Rik Panero
• Just a Little More Blue, by Tom Swimm
• Nude in the Dark, by Johnna Adams
“This entertaining anthology shows that its subject may be treated with sensitivity.”
–Dr. Michel Vaïs, Secretary General of the International Association of Theatre Critics.

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