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December 2, 2021: Kids Start Exploring Their Bodies At A Young Age, And We Need To Be Ready For That.

December 3, 2021: Let’s Not Beat Around the Bush — Why You Should Stop Hating Your Pubic Hair. #PubicHair #ToShaveOrNotToShave #BodyAcceptanceIsTheIdeaNudeRecreationIsTheWay

December 6, 2021: Naturists Have Absolut-ly Nothing To Hide. #NaturistHaveNothingToHide #BodyAcceptanceThroughNudeRecreation #NaturistSocietyFoundation

December 7, 2021: A bug has turned Animal Crossing: New Horizons in to a nudist colony. (They call it a bug, I call it a happy coincidence)

December 10, 2021: You’d be surprised at how many words can be written about not wearing clothes. Step Inside the Very Naked Archive Preserving America’s Nudist History. #NaturistHistory #ExploringNaturistHistory #NaturistLibrary #CypressCove #PaulLeValley #NudistHistory

December 13, 2021: Taking it all off promotes body acceptance. “Every body is unique. There is no ideal. There is no two that are alike. You’re not wrong or bad in your body shape, you’re just you.” #StéphaneDeschênes #BareOaks #BodyAcceptance #NaturistSociety

December 15, 2021: I went skinny dipping in broad daylight & this is what I learnt. “The naked swimming is actually lovely & refreshing & revitalizing, but everyone knows that about skinny dipping…” #SkinnyDipping #NaturistSocietyFoundation #ClothingOptional #BodyAcceptance

December 16, 2021: Is Nudism on the Rise in a Post-COVID World? “…living naked appears to be gaining traction among a newer, younger audience.” #NaturistLiving #NaturistSocietyFoundation #BodyAcceptance

December 17, 2021: Sunsport Gardens Family Naturist Resort Is proud to host the 34th Annual Midwinter Naturist Festival, February 17 — 22, 2022. #TryNaturism #SunsportGardens#NaturistFestival #2022NudeEvent #BodyAcceptanceIsTheIdeaNudeRecreationIsTheWay

December 22, 2021: In the mid-1900s, nudists in Britain believed they could improve national health & remedy buttoned-up social norms and rigid class divisions. #BodyAcceptanceIsTheIdeaNudeRecreationIsTheWay #NaturistSocietyFoundation

December 28, 2021: Body Acceptance is for Every Body! The Ultimate List of Body Image Statistics in 2021.

December 29, 2021: Ugh, what a bummer. Sun Meadow Family Nudist Resort is closed as of December 20 of this year.

December 30, 2021: Studies keep showing what us naturists already know: “Spending time starkers can improve your mood and reduce anxiety.” #NaturistLiving #LivingAuNaturel #BodyAcceptanceThroughNudeRecreation

January 4, 2022: The struggle for body acceptance is for real and it effects EveryBody! Bebe Rexha Opens Up About Body Image Struggles in Emotional TikTok: ‘I Don’t Feel Good in My Skin.’

January 5, 2022: Baby Boomer Memories: A nudist camp established on Hancock farmland in the 1950s has undergone ownership changes and modernization, but still is going strong! #NaturistLiving #NaturistResort #NaturistHistory

January 7, 2022: What body positivity means to today’s teens. “I think it is a complicated situation, and I can understand both sides of the debate. Why are we having so many conversations about bodies when we are saying our bodies don’t matter?”

January 14, 2022: Toasted buns: A first-timer on why you should go naked this summer. It’s not as scary as you might think.

January 21, 2022: Can being naked help you sleep better? #SleepNaked #NaturistLiving #NaturistSocietyFoundation

January 24, 2022: Everybody Naked: Can Naturism become a Trend? #NakedWanderings #NaturistBlog #NaturistMovement

January 25, 2022: Ugh: Your Body Image Affects Every Area of Your LifeAnd, unfortunately, most of us don’t have a positive view of our bods. #BodyAcceptanceIsTheIdeaNudeRecreationIsTheWay #NaturistSocietyFoundation

January 31, 2022: I Haven’t Worn a Bra in Over a Year-and Experts Have Opinions. #BraFree #ThereIsNoBraOnMe #NaturistSocietyFoundation

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