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February 3, 2022: Social media and body image are now inextricably linked. Find out its positive and negative effects and how you can avoid its unexpected consequences.

February 4, 2022: Men and the Body Acceptance Movement. #BodyAcceptanceIsForEveryBody #BodyAcceptanceIsTheWayNudeRecreationIsTheWay

February 7, 2022: Emma Thompson reveals how she rehearsed for a full-frontal nude scene for her new film — “It’s very challenging to be nude at 62…” the star stated. #BodyAcceptance #BodyAcceptanceAtAnyAge #NaturistSocietyFoundation

March 7, 2022: Underwire Under Fire: How the Pandemic Changed the Bra. Old forms are going bust. Is it a fashion blip or a sign of something larger? #BraFree #NaturistSocietyFoundation #BodyAcceptance #NaturistMovement

March 10, 2022: The Impact of Social Media on Body Image, Eating, and Health. #BodyAcceptance

March 11, 2022: Celebrate Women’s History Month March 15 at Bluebird Backcountry in Colorado’s inaugural Boot-Tan Fest. Plenty of women-owned businesses will be on hand offering food, music and general revelry. The culmination will be a naked ski—for women only.

March 12, 2022: You won’t find Zipolite on many Mexican tour group itineraries. That’s because this sleepy seaside town, an hour and a half from Puerto Escondido, is Mexico’s one and only legal nudist beach.

March 24, 2022: ‘Crocodiles’ could spell the end of Japan’s tradition of nude mixed bathing. #Naturism #SkinnyDipping #NaturistSocietyFoundation #NudeRecreation

March 28, 2022: Looking for a place to completely relax this summer? Look no further than Indiana—Home to 7 Clothing-Optional Clothing Resorts! #NudeIsNatural #IndianaNaturistResorts

March 30, 2022: Naked yoga instructor, Jessa O’Brien wants to break the stigma surrounding social nudity – and insists it’s not just for old men. #NakedYoga

March 31, 2022: Jack Nicholson’s Skinny-Dip into Naturism. “In the late sixties, as a matter of self-help, he spent three months walking around in the nude, at all hours of the day, no matter who stopped by…”

April 1, 2022: Cadiz council has approved a motion to allow naturists on all the city’s beaches. #NudeBeaches #CadizCity #ClothingOptionalBeaches

April 2, 2022: The skinny on dealing with a nude jogger in your neighborhood.

April 7, 2022: Want to let it all hang out on the beach this year? Here are the places around the world where you can go all-natural in style.

April 8, 2022: 9 Nude-Friendly Destinations Where You Can Take It All Off — Sometimes you just want to throw caution (and your clothes) to the wind!

April 9, 2022: Free to do all sorts of outdoor activities, free of clothes! Oaklake Park is one of the largest nudist parks in Oklahoma and the country. #OaklakeNaturistPark #NaturistOklahoma #NaturistSociety

April 12, 2022: Kate Bellm’s photos feel like what naturism and skinny-dipping feels like!

April 14, 2022: Kate Humble defends naturism: ‘People on Instagram are way more outrageous’

April 20, 2022: PSA: The Only ‘Summer Body’ You Need Is The Body You Have. #BodyAcceptance #SummerBody #WinterBody #EveryBody

April 26, 2022: It’s a start — “Ogilvy will no longer work with influencers who edit their bodies or faces for ads.” #NoFilter #BodyAcceptance #BodyAcceptanceAndSocialMedia

April 28, 2022: In his book ‘Nakna’ (Swedish for Naked) photographer Mikael Schulz takes photos of the naked body that question the ideas, biases & preconcepts we all have around nudity, conveying a positive message of self-acceptance, beauty & diversity.