TNSF Membership

Membership in The Naturist Society Foundation

We’re glad that you are considering a membership in The Naturist Society, and that you are a proponent of body acceptance through nude recreation! If you are a renewing member, we are grateful for the confidence that you have placed in TNSF, and its values: Naturism, Understanding, Diversity, Education, and its Benefits. Also you can be rest assured that your privacy is guaranteed. Our membership list is not for sale or sharing and it never will be!

The following benefits are designed to expand the naturist opportunities open to you and your family. Your membership card will get you discounts and access that non-members can only dream of. And of course you will be secure in the knowledge that your support is going to an organization committed to the promotion and protection of naturism.


  • The Quarterly Magazine Nude & Naturalwill take you inside the fascinating world of naturism with incisive commentary and analysis, solid reporting, and naturist-friendly but always tasteful photography. Travel stories, club and resort updates, naturist politics and culture. N has it all!
  • A TNSF Membership Card — Your key to discounts at naturist clubs and resorts. As a cardholder, you’ll have entree to some of the finest facilities in the world.
  • Skinny Dipper Shop Discounts — Our popular shop features an array of naturist-friendly items, from videos to books to apparel to beach accessories. The Skinny Dipper Shop is available ONLINE, MAIL ORDER, or via phone during regular business hours. 920-426-5009.
  • Special Events — Members are invited to attend our family-friendly annual Gatherings and Festivals, featuring games, seminars, workshops, and social get-togethers. As a TNSF member you are entitled to registration fee discounts and advance information.
  • Regional Affiliates — As a TNSF member you’ll be welcome at over 200 local and regional group activities and clubs and resorts, often at a discount. These fine organizations share our naturist values—and an updated listing can be found in the Naturist Network section of every issue of N magazine, or right here on the TNSF web site.
  • Phone Support — You will be able to call us during business hours at 920-426-5009 for site updates, orders, and more.
  • Advertising Discounts — A special 10% discount is offered to TNSF members advertising in N magazine. Click HERE to see all ad rates.
  • Activist Opportunities — Beginning in 2020 all members will be eligible to vote for the TNSF Board. Participate in one of the gatherings as a workshop leader, volunteer at a beach clean-up, or join your local TNSF group and become part of the naturist team. We could go on, but you get the idea. Whether you are a confirmed naturist or just starting out, TNSF membership is for you.

If you are still contemplating joining The Naturist Society, you should know that TNSF members form a world-wide community. There’s more to a membership than discounts, offers and magazines! TNSF members join the historic ranks of naturists who have proudly defended nude access to public lands, and who continue to stand guard for wholesome clothes-free recreation.

Membership costs just $70 a year—probably less than you just paid for your last swimsuit! Your application will be processed immediately, and you can start enjoying the benefits right away. With one-time-only proof of age, a senior citizen (65 or older), young adult (18 – 25), or disabled veteran rate is also available. Or, you can REALLY show your support for naturism and The Naturist Society Foundation by becoming a  TNSF Lifetime Member for a one-time fee of $2,500.00, or $1,500.00 if you are 70 years young—or older. Payment plans are available, please call 920-426-5009 and we can get you on the road to creating au natural memories that will last a lifetime.


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