Pages in Nudist History — The Recordings

A new series of free teleconferences on vintage nudist books is now available to members of The Naturist Society Foundation: Pages of Nudist History. N writer and consulting editor Mark Storey will host (volunteers are encouraged to apply for hosting duty—email: with request) and TNSF will facilitate one online discussion per month on ten books from the early years of organized American nudism. Learn about key players and events in nudist history, from the United States and abroad. Focus will be on how Germany, France, and England contributed to nudism (and naturism) as we know it in the United States, how organized club nudism developed here, and what justifications nudists offered in support of social nudity.

September 10, 2020: Maurice Parmelee, Nudism in Modern Life (1927, 1931, 1952)
October 8, 2020: Frances and Mason Merrill, Among the Nudists (1931)
November 12, 2020: Frances and Mason Merrill, Nudism Comes to America 1932
December 10, 2020: Jan Gay, On Going Naked (1932)
January 14, 2021: Julian Strange, Adventures in Nudism (1941)
February 11, 2021: Carl Easton Williams, The Psychology of Nudism (1941)
March 11, 2021: Elton Raymond Shaw and Ilsley Boone, The Body Taboo (1951)
April 8, 2021: Donald Johnson, The Nudists (1959)
May 13, 2021: Fred Ilfeld, Jr. and Roger Lauer, Social Nudism in America (1964)
June 10, 2021: Hugh C. Lester, Godiva Rides Again: A History of the Nudist Movement (1968)
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