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Blind Creek Beach
Blind Creek Beach

Organizations in the Naturist Network

Searching for like-minded folks who enjoy clothing-optional recreation? Our Naturist Network listings provide contact information and links for the groups, parks, resorts and other organizations that agree to welcome Naturist Society members to their facilities and/or activities, often at a discount.

The Naturist Society encourages its Network affiliates to adopt nondiscriminatory admission policies; however, each organization has its own policy on non-member admissions. Before planning a visit it’s best to phone, write or e-mail to make a reservation.

Spring of 2023 Participating Groups, Parks, and Resorts listed below:

If you are thinking of participating please call or e-mail us today!

TNSF Foundation Network Coordinator
627 Bay Shore Drive Ste 100
Oshkosh, WI 54901
Phone (920) 426-5009
Fax (920) 426-5184

(For owners/leaders of naturist groups, parks, and other organizations. Benefits of individual/family Naturist Society Foundation membership.)

It’s easy to become part of the Naturist Network! The group or club owner/president (or someone with the authority to act on behalf of that person) should start by filling out and signing a Participating Agreement. Return this signed Agreement to The Naturist Society’s Network Coordinator along with a description of your group’s or club’s character, activities and amenities. (All applications are subject to final approval by Naturist Society staff, of course.)

If your organization shares The Naturist Society’s values about body acceptance and nude recreation, and agrees to accept card-carrying, up-to-date members of The Naturist Society to its facilities and/or activities, consider affiliation with the Naturist Network today!

Benefits of Association with the Naturist Network

By now you probably know The Naturist Society is a membership organization dedicated to the principles of body acceptance and nude recreation.

But you may not know the many ways TNS can promote your naturist organization through the Naturist Network—at little or no cost.

Let’s begin with Nude & Natural, The Naturist Society’s acclaimed quarterly magazine. For Naturist Network members, the magazine provides the following benefits:

  • A widely-distributed outlet for possible articles about your club or group.
  • The Naturist Marketplace, an advertising forum that offers easily affordable but carefully targeted access to more than 20,000 nude-friendly households. To see N’s ad rates click HERE.
  • Free, regularly updated listings in the magazine’s Naturist Network section. The listings put the name of your organization before readers, along with phone numbers and e-mail and street addresses.

Another benefit open to Network members is a listing on TNS’ regularly updated Web site, which is viewed daily by thousands of Web surfers. Naturist Network members are listed in a special directory that includes any Web and e-mail links you might have.

As an added service, TNSF directs phone calls, letters, and e-mail inquiries it receives to appropriate Network members.

And there’s more…

Each year The Naturist Society hosts a number of regional Gatherings, each attended by hundreds of nude-friendly folks anxious to learn more about the naturist lifestyle. The Gatherings offer Naturist Network members a unique opportunity for clubs and groups to promote themselves and display merchandise and membership information at no additional cost. (Sorry, but the cost of attending the Gatherings is not included.).

The Naturist Society also sponsors Nude Recreation Week each July, providing Network members with an opportunity to make themselves better known in their communities. As part of Nude Recreation Week, TNSF provides Network members with a colorful poster, a list of suggested activities, a sample press release, and more.

Network members also benefit monetarily. Groups and clubs in the Network retain a portion of the TNSF fee when processing TNSF memberships for their members. Further, TNSF maintains a database of members processed through Network clubs and groups and notifies those clubs and groups when individual membership renewals are due.

And if privacy is a concern, not to worry. The Naturist Society’s membership list is strictly confidential. However, we do try to accommodate the needs of Network members by arranging special mailings through our office.

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