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This season’s cover art, featuring five lovely women intertwined with the branches of a majestic tree, symbolizes the unity and strength found in embracing our natural selves. Join us as we embrace the beauty of the fall season and the harmonious blend of nature and nudity that defines the heart of our vibrant community

Embark on an autumnal journey with our Fall issue of Nude and Natural Magazine, where we celebrate the beauty of naturism and the vibrant spirit of communal gatherings and festivals. Delve into the exhilarating experience of the 2023 LA World Naked Bike Ride, where cyclists bask in the freedom of movement and body acceptance. Explore the warmth of Winterfest at Sunsport Gardens, an oasis of naturist joy amidst the changing tides.

Skinny-Dip into the artistry of photography with bubbles, capturing the essence of playfulness and liberation in each shot. Immerse yourself in the serenity of nude swims, discovering the profound connection between nature and the human form. Our insightful articles promise to engage, enlighten, and inspire, reflecting the diverse facets of naturist living.