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Article of the Month

Three-Mile Beach Saga Continues

"Many naturists are just now hearing about Three-Mile Beach on Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, but the tradition of the beach as a favourite spot for clothing-optional usage was noted early in the twentieth century…"

Three-Mile Beach Saga Continues

Issue 34.3 of N contains this month's article on Three-Mile Beach by Judy Williams NAC/NEF Board Member and National / International Contact for Three-Mile Naturist Beach Committee.

Current issue of Nude & Natural Now Available!


35.4 issue of N now available!

We celebrate World Naked Gardening Day at Sunsport Gardens in Loxahatchee with this engaging cover photo by John Dodge. Inside we learn about WNGD and permaculture at Sunsport Gardens.

N Sight discusses nudists and the clothed-body myth. TNS Lifetime member Kathy Blanchard is honored at her recent retirement party with a sign designed especially for her inscribed with her garden location workplace as well as indicating that The Naturist Society was a very important part of her life. Rich Pasco, long-time naturist member and founder of the Bay Area Naturists in California shares his life as a naturist. We highlight the NAC/NEF Board Candidacy Statements as well as urging you to take the time to “Cast Your Ballot.”


N Article Archive

35.1 of N features this month's article: Profile: Glyn Stout - Naturist Patriarch.

• A Day in the Life of a Beach Ambassador.

• Arroyo del Sol — Clothing­Optinal B & B.

• A Day in the Life of a Beach Ambassador.

• Roger's Rules ­ Rising Sun Farm.

• Clothes-Free Aloha, A Natuirst Tour of Hawaii‘s Big Island  PDF (2.55 MG).

• Droop Phobia, The Bra, And Breast Cancer.

• Can‘t Wreck Her Beach.

• Running in Circles-Naked.

• Naturist Paradise: Hidden Beach Resort.

• Florida Young Naturists' 3rd Annual Spring Bash.

• A Virgin Islands Escape Aboard the Yacht Flamboyance

• St. Maarten: The Friendly Island

• Wave Makers of the West Coast

• 2011 NAC/NEF Elections

• A Naturist Odyssey in Quintana Roo

Naturist Odyssey in Quintana Roo Continues…

Michael Cooney A special thank you to Michael Cooney for his generous donation of photographs for use in N magazine.

To read more about Michael and his adventures in natrist photography click HERE to read his profile as featured in 27.3.

Click HERE to see a photo gallery of the Naturist Odyssey in Quintana Roo.

• The Century Project Uncensored

To purchase a copy of the book The Century Project by Frank Cordelle please visit the Skinny-Dipper shop.

• PDF of TNS History

• Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

• Earth Sheltered Naturism

• Grassroots Naturism

• Port Townsend EcoVillage

• Naturist Beach Etiquette

• Saving On a Rainy Day

• Going Green with Compost Tea

• 30 Ways to Go Green Naturally