A brief note concerning Wisconsin legislation:

A group of lawmakers in Wisconsin have recently filed a handful of legislative bills that should be of great concern to naturists in Wisconsin and elsewhere.

As a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation, TNSF cannot lobby politically on behalf of a proposed law, or against it. However, we certainly can make our members – and the community at large – aware of what’s going on. And we feel we must.

Four legislative bills – two in the Senate and two in the Assembly – have been filed as an orchestrated political response to the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR), a recurring protest event.

WNBR began years ago as a way to raise awareness about the effects of fossil fuel use. The protest involved nude bicycle riders as means of suggesting alternatives to petroleum-based fuels, as a way of demonstrating the vulnerability of humans, and as a way of attracting attention. The event, which was born in BC, Canada, became a worldwide phenomenon, morphing to include cycling safety and awareness, as well as becoming a celebration of the freedom and independence of nudity itself.

This past June, a woman brought her young daughter with her to the WNBR event in Madison, Wisconsin. It was one of many such events across the globe. The girl was nude, as were many in attendance that day. No law was broken by the girl’s nudity, but opponents of the event – and of nudity – are now determinied to turn it into something unlawful.

In October, 2023, during the waning weeks of the this year’s Wisconsin legislative activity, a bill was filed that would make it illegal for a child to be at any public place in which nude adults are present.

That bill is Senate Bill 477 and its companion, Assembly Bill 504.

At the same time, the same sponsors introduced another bill that seeks to make public exposure of one’s genitals a strict liability law. That bill is Senate Bill 478, and its companion is Assembly Bill 503.

Existing Wisconsin law considers exposure a crime only if it’s done indecently. The proposed law removes the “indecency” qualification. It says that ANY intentional exposure is illegal. Lawyers call that a “Strict Liability” crime. Those bills are most vocally supported by rookie lawmakers, whose marching orders are coming from Party headquarters.

This is a tough fight for naturists.

Because TNSF is prevented from lobbying the Wisconsin lawmakers, it cannot suggest that you do so on its behalf. However, TNSF can definitely remind you that keeping in touch with your elected officials on matters of importance to you is not only your right, but your responsibility.

You can find the Senator and Assembly member that represent you most directly by visiting

…. and entering your home’s physical address.

However, nothing prevents you from contacting other members of the legislature who aren’t in your district.